good news, everyone: dogs


the reason male comic book fans work themselves into a frenzied rage over “fake geek girls" is because they think they can’t get a girlfriend because of their love for comic books (a.k.a nerdiness). if they accept that geek girls genuinely love comic books, then they’re left with the cold harsh reality that it’s not their nerdiness that makes them unattractive to women, but the fact that they are misogynistic condescending dickbags who need to be avoided AT ALL COSTS

When god became lonely
he created man,
Or was it
When man became lonely
he created god.
— Melanie Exler (via strengthenizer)


first rule of fight club

  1. no fightin!…shakira shakiraaa

The Sound of Music (1965)



someone use my pics to catfish someone so nev can call me


someday i want someone to look at me the same way mark ruffalo looks at paul rudd



hey mtv, welcome to my crib! that’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight, losing my religion